Why 49ers-Browns Trade Makes Sense To Get DeVante Parker


The San Francisco 49ers desperately need a young wide-receiver to pair with WR Torrey Smith. Boldin, 34, is not getting any younger and it’s uncertain if the team will re-sign him after this season. If that’s the case it would be wise for GM Trent Baalke and company to land a top pass-catcher in this year’s NFL draft.

Last year, the 49ers opted not to trade up for Pro Bowl WR Odell Beckham Jr. because the asking price was too steep, as the 49ers would’ve lost multiple draft picks which ended up being DB Jimmie WardILB Chris Borland and RB Carlos Hyde.

Baalke told 95.7 The Game back in Dec., “You would have been giving up (defensive back) Jimmie Ward, you would have been giving up (center) Marcus Martin or (linebacker) Chris Borland, and you would have been giving up (running back) Carlos Hyde, plus somebody else. So maybe you’d have given up three, young, quality players to go get one.”

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good thing the 49ers didn’t make that move as Hyde now takes over for RB Frank Gore.

But this year is a different story and I believe the 49ers should strike a deal to move up a few spots if they want to land WR DeVante Parker. A player with a high-ceiling, Parker would be a nice complement to Smith as he gets his feet wet in the NFL.



A player that has a big catching radius as Parker stands 6-3, 209, you can see where Parker’s value lies. Not to mention, he would be a big red zone threat who would create matchup problems for smaller cornerbacks, Parker would instantly make others around him better as players like TE Vernon Davis can work the middle of the field with no safety help over the top.

However, the 49ers first need a trading partner and one likely team is the Cleveland Browns.



The Browns have recently been in trade talks with the 49ers regarding Jim Harbaugh, OLB Ahmad Brooks, and WR Josh Gordon so it makes sense that the Browns would be open to a deal. And with the Browns making three trades in the first-round last season, it’s a clear sign that they will do it again if the past is any indication of the future.

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

The Browns held two first-round picks last year and they have two more again this time around. A franchise that has plenty of holes to fill, adding more picks would be wise considering their current draft position.

The Browns currently hold the 12th pick and moving up three spots would likely include the 49ers giving up an additional pick in return. Something Baalke has done in the past when he moved up two spots to draft T Anthony Davis back in 2010.

According to the draft trade value chart the 12th pick is worth 1,200 points while the 49ers who hold the 15th pick is worth 1,050 points. If you’re doing the math that’s a point differential of 150.

The 49ers who struck draft day deal with the Browns last year as they gave up their third-round pick (No. 94) while gaining a fourth-round pick (No. 108) and sixth-round pick (No. 180) in return will likely need to give up their third-round pick (No. 79) again this year as the value on that pick is 195 points.

This makes the Browns look like winners as they will have a point differential of 45 points. However, the 49ers could swap second-round picks which would give the 49ers the No. 43 overall selection while the Browns move back to the No. 46 pick. That would narrow the point differential gap to 15 points as the 43rd pick is worth 470 points while the 46th pick is worth 440 points. (Below is a breakdown of the potential trade)

49ers Get:

  • First-round pick (No. 12)
  • Second-round (No. 43)

Browns Get:

  • First-round pick (No. 15)
  • Second-round pick (No. 46)
  • Third-round pick (No. 79)

And if you’re wondering if Parker will be around at that selection, I believe he will since the Minnesota Vikings recently traded for WR Mike Wallace.

Last year the 49ers had a private meeting with OBJ after his pro day and they did the same this time around with Parker. He is a player that is definitely on their radar so you know Baalke will at least entertain offers if he is on the board.

With the 49ers looking to improve their roster do not count out a wide-receiver as Parker likely has a ‘gold helmet’ next to his name. And with the team likely to draft an impact player, don’t be surprised if you hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell say the ‘San Francisco 49ers select WR DeVante Parker, wide receiver, Louisville.’

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