Steve Young: “If Somebody’s Going To Resurrect Colin Kaepernick, it’s Chip Kelly.”


Who knows the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation better than Super Bowl winning QB Steve Young? The former NFL MVP turned ESPN analyst weighed his two cents on the team’s breaking news on ESPN Live.

“I like Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly is a guy I want in the league,” Young said. “I like what he does holistically for the players, what he’s thinking about bringing the game forward. There’s a lot of things that I like offensively. The fact that he’s in San Francisco? Great.”


Kelly who is known for his innovative approach on the offensive side of the ball. will likely implement some form of the spread offense. Among that offense will be the shotgun read-option and that’s where’ QB Colin Kaepernick will thrive.

A player once considered a franchise quarterback, Kaepernick was benched midway through the season as QB Blaine Gabbert took over the starting role.

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“The thing I worry about most is Chip Kelly is a very strong personality. Trent Baalke, the general manager, gives nothing to the coach. That was a lot of the problem he had with Jim Harbaugh. He has a very strong personality. How does that get worked out?”

Great question, Steve. And we will have to wait and see how this dynamic plays out. Young went on to say that if anyone can help Kap regain his Super Bowl form it’s Kelly. “If somebody is gonna resurrect Colin Kaepernick, it’s gonna be be Chip Kelly. But the problem is he might not go as deep data wise because he turns plays over so quickly. But he asks you to have reflexive recall. To have reflexive recall, to be able to do it really fast, you have to embed it into your brain, you have to do a lot of studying despite the fact that you’re turning plays over really fast.

Young is basically saying muscle memory. Just like taking free throws in practice or increasing your bench press with max weight/low reps, it’s all about muscle memory.

“So that’s gonna be Colin’s challenge. He’s gonna have to go into the classroom, prove to Chip Kelly that he can get embedded into his mind everything that he needs to do to have reflexive recall. We know he physically has the hardware. It’s the software”

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