Breaking Down the 49ers’ Heart-Breaking Loss to the Dolphins


Coming off a loss to the New England Patriots, an eager San Francisco 49ers team arrived in Miami to play the Dolphins, but left, once again, disappointed with the results. In a game where the offense and run defense played well, the 49ers’ secondary was torched.

QB Colin Kaepernick, however, was brilliant. He finished 29/46 with 296 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception. Oh yeah, he also led the team on the ground with 113 yards on 10 carries. The man has the tools, but when will he become elite again?

Week 12 Preview: San Francisco 49ers v. Miami Dolphins

Well, what’s the one thing that happens in every single 49ers game? A decent start to the game. In the first quarter, Kaepernick played quite well, of course. After gaining just 7 yards, the Dolphins punted to the 49ers, who proceeded to charge 62 yards down the field and score a touchdown. Giving Kaepernick another shot in 2017 hasn’t seemed like such a crazy idea lately.

Kaepernick finished the opening drive strong, tossing an 11-yard touchdown pass to RB Carlos Hyde. This was the only scoring drive for the 49ers in the first half. After exchanging punts, RB Jay Ajayi punched it 2 yards into the end zone for the Dolphins, tying the score at 7.

After a promising drive, TE Garret Celek caught a 16 yard pass to the Dolphins’ 15-yard line but fumbled the ball; the Dolphins went 82 yards for the touchdown and took a 14-7 lead into half time.

On Kaepernick’s first pass of the second half, he threw an interception, leading to a Dolphins field goal.

The difference between this game and other games is that the 49ers played very well in the second half. Despite facing a sizable deficit, Kaepernick and the offense fought till the end. On the last play of the game, Kaepernick was stuffed at the 2 yard line with 2 seconds to go, and the 49ers fell to the Dolphins 31-24.

The Dolphins are riding a 6 game winning streak. For the 49ers to go into Miami and play the way they did took at least some heart. At 1-10, however, the team broke franchise history with the longest losing streak.

The unfortunate tragedy of Week 12 is that the 49ers’ defensive line help up against a young and exciting Ajayi, who finished with 18 carries for 45 yards, but their secondary was torched by QB Ryan Tannehill, who went 20/30 with 285 yards and 3 touchdowns.

This season is already lost. This season is already wasted. Now, it’s time for Chip Kelly to sit down and ask himself who is going to make an impact on this team in years to come. Colin Kaepernick, however hated he may be, poses a seriously interesting question.

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