49ers’ Brent Jones questions Colin Kaepernick’s ability to be Super Bowl winning QB


When former San Francisco 49ers TE Brent Jones talks people listen. Arguably the best tight-end to ever suit up for the red and gold, Jones went on KNBR 680 and was highly critical of 49ers’ franchise QB Colin Kaepernick.

Jones said, “You have to be obsessed. And you know what, I know that Kap is a hard worker in the weight room, he’s out throwing balls, he’s doing all that stuff, strength wise, speed wise, yeah, yeah, yeah…But you know what, that’s not enough in this day and age in the NFL. The best quarterbacks are obsessed with studying plays, film, dynamics, pre-snap reads, understanding the coverage and where you are going to go with it more than likely when you hit that back step.”

Jones went on to say that Kap needs to work on his weakness’ saying:



“In the end this a quarterback-reliant league and if you aren’t getting better year-to-year-to-year, then the game is gonna pass you by. Athleticism can carry you for a year or two. And one of the problems with young, very athletic quarterbacks, that have great legs and can run, they always rely on their strengths and don’t work on their weaknesses. The reason they don’t work on those weaknesses is because their whole career they’ve been able to dominate with athleticism.

But athleticism doesn’t make you an All-Pro quarterback. It doesn’t make you a Super Bowl winning quarterback. And eventually, people start game-planning you and they take away your strengths and they say, ‘We dare you to beat us with your weaknesses.”

However, do not think for a second that BJ is not in Kap’s corner as he finished by saying:

“I don’t want to be perceived as a guy that’s saying ‘Kap’s not the guy.’ When the Alex Smith-Kap issue came down a few years ago, I came down on the side of Kap. And right now, I’m not ready to throw in the towel, because he still has a lot of things.”

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