WATCH: Ronnie Lott Criticizes 49ers Coaching Staff For Benching QB Colin Kaepernick


San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame DB Ronnie Lott is no stranger to controversy or speaking his mind and sharing his thoughts about the team benching QB Colin Kaepernick is no different.

On Friday, Lott was on the Mac and Murphy Show on KNBR 680 while giving his thoughts on the Kaepernick benching.

Is this a surrender right now? What are we doing?” Lott said. “I’m just trying to understand. In my mind, I think I know the game, you think you understand the game — I’m kind of lost at this moment.”

“Where are we going? What bus are we catching? And if we’re catching the bus to go where? I’d like to know what direction we’re going. It’s hard to even comment where we’re going.”

“I hope with Tomsula. And that’s what I’m hoping, give me some direction, give me some focus, give me something.”

Lott went on to say that Kaepernick deserved the right to play through his current slump citing the team’s new offensive scheme as a big reason for his struggles.

“There were games I didn’t make interceptions. Are you going to bench me?” Lott said. “You earn the right to do something, you earn the right to get there.”

Lott then took shots at the 49ers decision to bench Kaepernick while making a Steph Curry comparison. “Do you bench [Stephen] Curry when gets in a slump? The benching to me is different. I guess I’m from a different camp.”

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