WATCH: NFL Fines 49ers’ RB Carlos Hyde $23,152, Giants LB Jon Beason Calls Alex Boone ‘Coward’

The NFL has fined San Francisco 49ers RB Carlos Hyde in the amount of $23,152, after reviewing a play in which Hyde used the crown of his helmet. A play that saw New York Giants LB Jon Beason get the short end of the stick as he left the game with a concussion, he then blamed LG Alex Boone for pushing him into Hyde’s path.

“I can honestly say that if I hadn’t gotten pushed in the back, I wouldn’t have been concussed. It’s unfortunate when another player, Alex Boone to be exact, can reach out, grab you from behind and then deliberately push you in the back,” Beason told the Daily News.

“It’s hard enough to stay healthy in this league. I think it was a coward move. Doesn’t show any sportsmanship, no regard for another player, their career. It could have been a lot worse. So it is what it is. I never saw Hyde, because I was too busy trying to keep my balance from being pushed from behind. So I wanted to get that out there. I hope it goes back to him.”

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