VIDEO: Candlestick Park won’t be demolished/imploded as initially planned

Patricia Chang

Patricia Chang

Candlestick Park could be demolished as early as next month, however it won’t be demolished the way the city of San Francisco had initially planned.

According to numerous reports, the city will not use the common pyrotechnic strategy but instead will use the old-school wrecking ball. The decision was made in large part due to the residents who live in the surrounding area, complaining about possible health hazards as the smoke and debris would carry over and linger into their neighborhood.

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Kofi Bonner, President of the San Francisco Division of Lennar Corp, released the following statement in using a piece by piece tear-down rather than the one-time big bang explosion:

“We have sought and received input from the community and our partner, the city,” Bonner said in a statement, and as a result, “Lennar intends to withdraw its request to implode the stadium.”

With the city building a shopping center as well as residential housing, it looks like the demolition of Candlestick will not go out with a bang!



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