San Francisco 49ers Team Store At Valley Fair

Front of the store

Front of the store

In an effort to build a stronger presence in the Santa Clara area, the San Francisco 49ers opened up a team store at Valley Fair Shopping Center. In what started as a simple kiosk, on November 17, 2012, the Niners expanded, moving their merchandise to a bigger, fresher, and overall more impressive 49ers official team store.

I have been to them all both old and new, and this team store is by far the best of the bunch and deservedly so. Back in the day it was “The Fan Club,” that most Forever Faithful got their 49ers apparel, but due to the team’s decline and lack of revenue, they closed their shop. With no other big player to compete, the 49ers opened up their own stores as of late and are reaping the benefits. It does not hurt that their team is arguably the best in the NFL, so the marketing/sales is already sold in the brand they represent.  Check out the photos of the new store below:

For starters, as you step foot in the store, you will be quickly greeted by 49ers RB Frank Gore and ILB Patrick Willis. The mannequins dressed in red and gold, makes a quick statement, “49ers territory.” To the right is the franchise, QB Colin Kaepernick as he goes to pass a touchdown.

The right side is for men and the left side is for women. Typically in any sports store like Sports Fever around the corner, you only have a limited amount of jerseys to choose from. Not here. From the top selling jersey in Kaepernick to backup RB Kendall Hunter, the team store has a variety of choices to choose from, although no rookies were present, which was disappointing to see, as I was hoping for rookie fourth-round pick WR Quinton Patton’s. But I can see why, the demand is not there for rookies so there really is no incentive until they blow up to market the new comers.

From men’s hats to t-shirts, the Valley Fair team store has it all. Not to knock their sister store in Palo Alto, but they do not have the selection to match. Simply put, variety wins out here, and the 49ers team store in Valley Fair takes the cake.

And what about the women? Although there weren’t many “cute shirts,” as you would say, there was a bigger selection. Just look at the picture above and you can see the winter gear is in full swing, as the yoga pants are in direct competition with Victoria’s Secret’s Pink collection. Nonetheless it’s a start and as time goes on you will see the cuter clothes down the road.

Not only is the selection marketed for single adults but families as well. On the back wall to the right you will notice plenty of cool outfits to deck out your children in. Show off that Forever Faithful pride with a Kaepernick jersey or at night wearing a onesie, children of all ages can join in on the fun.

Aside from the apparel, the 49ers team store in Valley Fair offers plenty of accessories for season-ticket holders and fans that casually attend games. From foam toys to banners, this store has it all, while allowing you to decorate your office, bedroom or den.

So if you haven’t checked out the team store yet, I strongly encourage you to. They have most of everything you need and you probably won’t go home empty handed.


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