Sakamoto: Why 49ers’ Should Consider Jimmy Johnson As Head Coach



While the San Francisco 49ers head coaching search continues, there have been numerous names swirling around Levi’s Stadium. From New Orleans Saints HC Sean Payton to Cincinnati Bengals OC Hue Jackson, there has been no shortage of candidates rumored to be the 49ers next head coach.

And while names from the past have resurfaced such as Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan, no one really knows how serious the 49ers are in making them the franchise’s 20th head coach.

However, there’s one name that no one is talking about, who I believe should be given an interview and that’s two-time Super Bowl champion turned NFL analyst, Jimmy Johnson.

The former Dallas Cowboys head coach has a proven track record in both the college ranks and NFL with a 81-34-3 and 80-64 record respectively. Not to mention, Johnson won back-to-back Super Bowl Championships during the 1992-1993 seasons, it remains to be seen why Johnson’s name is not mentioned. Who can forget, he was the coach responsible for stopping the 49ers from winning multiple Super Bowl titles during the early 90’s during the Cowboys-49ers heated NFC Championship games.

Some say he is well past his prime and is too old to coach today’s evolving game. But make no mistake, that hasn’t deterred 49ers’ GM Trent Baalke who wanted Bill Parcells, 69, at the time back in 2011 or from requesting an interview with Tom Coughlin, 69, and why should it? Age is nothing but a number. If a coach has the passion, energy, and leadership skills to guide an NFL franchise to the Super Bowl, who cares what year the coach was born.

Let’s be honest, if the 49ers were to win a Super Bowl in three years time from now with a coach who is in his 70’s and then retired right after the win, would you care? I don’t think so.

And Johnson’s track record speaks for itself as he accomplished what only five other coaches in NFL history have been able to do which is win to consecutive Super Bowls. Oh yeah, and he also won a National Championship with the University of Miami back in 1987.

Ranked No. 13 on ESPN all-time NFL head coaches, why not give Johnson a shot as he would love nothing more than to stick it to the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC. There is no question that Johnson and owner Jerry Jones hate to each other, as Johnson til this day is not in the Cowboys Ring of Honor, so why not at least interview the guy for the position. Can he be any worse than Bills Assistant/RB Coach Anthony Lynn?

All I’m saying, is if the 49ers are really trying to leave no stone unturned while doing their due diligence, at least give Johnson an interview, as I believe he has the winning mentality to bring this team back to the glory days.

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