QUIZ: How well do you know the 49ers’ 2000 Draft Class?


At at time when the San Francisco 49ers needed to rebuild their roster, it was also a time in which draft picks were at a premium. And while the Niners finished the 1999 season with a top five pick, they opted to trade out and acquire additional picks in the process. So how well do you know the 49ers 2000 draft class? Test your knowledge here as we compiled a fun quiz for all Forever Faithful to enjoy! Good luck and keep the faith!

1. How many players were drafted by the 49ers in 2000?

     A. 11         B. 10         C. 9     D. 7



2. Who was the 49ers trading partner for the No. 3 overall pick? 

     A. Browns     B. Redskins     C. Bengals     D. Ravens



3. Who did the 49ers select with their first-round pick at No. 16?

    A. Ahmed Plummer

    B. Reggie McGrew

    C. Julian Peterson

    D. Andre Carter

4. Which college did second-round pick DE John Engelberger attend?

     A. Ohio State     B. Cal     C. Stanford     D. Virginia Tech



5. Which cornerback was drafted in the second-round at No. 48?

    A. R.W. McQuarters

    B. Anthony Parker

    C. Jason Webster

    D. Ahmed Plummer


6. Which QB was selected by GM Bill Walsh in the 3rd-round out of Hofstra?

    A. Tim Rattay

    B. Jim Druckenmiller

    C. Giovanni Carmazzi

    D. Brandon Doman



7. Name the San Jose native drafted by the Niners in the third-round?



8. What number did FS John Keith wear during his rookie season?

    A. 21      B. 28       C. 31      D. 24



9. What number did 49ers CB Ahmed Plummer wear at Ohio State?

A. 19     B. 24      C. 23       D. 8



10. Which of these 2000 draft picks played five positions during his tenure in SF?

    A. Ahmed Plummer

    B. Brian Jennings

    C. Julian Peterson

    D. Paul Smith


_________________ANSWERS BELOW________________________



1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. C

6. C

7. Jeff Ulbrich

8. B

9. A

10. C


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