Fantasy Football Value Of San Francisco’s Receivers by Frank Turner

Harry How/Getty Images

Harry How/Getty Images

Article written by Frank Turner:

Fantasy Football Value Of San Francisco’s Receivers

With Colin Kaepernick locked up for the long-term, many people are excited to see the future of the passing game for the San Francisco 49ers. It is always nice to have stability at the quarterback position going forward. As for 2014, his main targets should be able to bring some pretty nice value in fantasy football. Here is a look at what to expect out of his main targets, and when to draft them this year.

Michael Crabtree

Despite what Richard Sherman might say, Crabtree is still a very solid wide receiver who will be looking to stay healthy all season long in 2014. He did not get to start his season until late last year, and that obviously hurt his fantasy football value. His Achilles should be fully healed, and that means he is ready to step up and be the number 1 receiver yet again. He is a bit undervalued at this time as a receiver just outside of the top 20 according to most in fantasy football. It completely healthy, he can sneak back into being a top 10 caliber receiver in the NFL.


Anquan Boldin

His best seasons might be behind him, but Boldin is still going to bring some value to fantasy football this upcoming year. He had his best numbers last year since 2006 when he put up a total of 1179 yards and 7 touchdowns. He probably won’t be able to match those numbers this year, but he is still a top 40 option at receiver.

Steve Johnson

Injuries really started to limit Johnson last year after a strong start to the regular season. He had 236 yards in the 1st 3 games, and then 361 yards for the rest of the regular season. People in fantasy football are not sure how much playing time and how many targets he will get as the 3rd receiver for San Francisco, but he is still worth a late round flyer. He is right around the 50th best receiver from a fantasy perspective this upcoming year.


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