Could DeSean Jackson be the answer?



Could WR DeSean Jackson be the perfect fit for the 49ers?

Yes and no. Apparently there is interest in the former Cal speedster. But could the 49ers fit him under the salary cap when he’s making $9 million a year? If the 49ers made a deal for him, which would reportedly cost a third-round pick, Jackson would have to re-structure his deal. But in a re-structure, Jackson would want more money, not less.

The Eagles are apparently getting tired of Jackson’s perpetual demand for more dollars, a scenario that could ware on the 49ers as well.

On the field, Jackson not only checks off two boxes, he floods them with ink. He’d be the explosive punt returner the team desperately desired. His ability to race through defenses coupled with quarterback Colin Kaepernick strong arm could be a devastating combination.

According to, Jackson ranked fifth among wide receivers in value per play (Anquan Boldin was second behind Denver’s Demaryius Thomas).

However, at 5-10, 175 pounds, Jackson is far from a viscous down-field blocker, which could be an issue on a running team.

Also, would Jackson be happy in a run-oriented offense? Last year, he thrived in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo scheme, posting career highs in yards (1,332) and receptions (82), while equaling a career high in touchdowns.

With the 49ers, slow-downed, run-dominated offense, Jackson could not hope to replicate those numbers.

And Jackson might be cast out of Philadelphia because he doesn’t fit the Kelly of toughness and unselfishness. But doesn’t Jim Harbaugh require the same qualities.

Could Jackson look good from a far but be far from good?

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