Adam Schefter Says Kaepernick And 49ers Still Headed For A Divorce



As the world turns, so does the never ending soap opera between the San Francisco 49ers and their embattled signal caller QB Colin Kaepernick. Most agree that the Niners and Kaepernick will part ways eventually, maybe even as soon as the upcoming NFL draft, but the process has been slow and painstaking.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter added some fuel that might rekindle the fire a bit though, as he was a guest on 104.3 FM in Denver with “Sandy and Stokley” discussing the Denver Broncos’ interest in free agent QB Brian Hoyer. Reports stated that Hoyer was eating dinner with Broncos’ officials Wednesday night, but according to Schefter, that doesn’t mean the Kaepernick trade is dead.

“I had people calling me yesterday that the Browns and Eagles would get the deal done,” said Schefter. “Of course, the deal came together and got done.”

“The same people that were telling me that, three of them, told me that San Francisco and Kaepernick are going to have to end in a divorce. Most people believe that is a difficult relationship to have to continue. They’re going to have to move him and if they have to move him, there is only one logical landing spot.”

It remains to be seen if the Broncos perceived interest in Hoyer will get things moving again with the 49ers, but it continues to look like Kaepernick and San Francisco are destined to separate. The longer this lingers however, the more of a distraction Kaepernick will become, and that’s not something the team will want to deal with as they try and break in a new coaching staff.

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