49ers’ Jim Harbaugh on if Aldon Smith will start, “We’re too early to tell.”



The local media got the chance to meet with San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh today and the hot topic of discussion was 49ers OLB Aldon Smith’s status.

On RB Marcus Lattimore’s status:

“Somewhat, he’s working through something. Not the knee something else that he’s working on.

On 49ers OLB Aldon Smith’s status with the team and if 10 felony accounts is the standard here in San Francisco. (Tim Kawakami)

“Tim, I know you probably worked really hard on asking that question. Probably stared in the mirror and thought about just the way you could ask me that. It’s part of a legal process, I’m not a attorney or a judge, I’m a football coach. So I will let that go through the legal process. There’s nothing more to it.”

On if Aldon will be starting linebacker:

“We’re too early to tell, who the starters are right now.”

On if he wants his players to be above reproach when it comes to off-field issues:

“I want all our players to be above reproach in all regards. I can’t imagine anyone tell anyone else any differently.”

On if all his players are above reproach:

“No, we got some things we got to resolve.”

On if Aldon will start training camp with his court date coming up:

“You can take bamboo shoots and stick them under my finger, and it still wouldn’t be anything I can add to in the further of this discussion.”

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