49ers’ Jim Harbaugh has high praise for Johnny Manziel



In an NFL off-season period where smoke-screens are more the norm than the exception, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had some high praise for former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel. And despite his praise likely not being a smoke-screen, as Manziel is projected to be drafted well before the 49ers select at No. 30 in the first-round, it was interesting to hear Harbaugh give some insight on what he thought about the controversial young quarterback, as he said:

He sees the field like nobody I’ve ever seen see the field in college football. You’d love to work with that.

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah was asked if he thought that Harbaugh believes that Manziel is better than Kaepernick, and Jeremiah said:

First of all, power statement by Jim Harbaugh not a surprise. Jim Harbaugh’s made power statements in the past, ‘I think Michael Crabtree has the best hands of anybody that’s walked the face of the earth,’ something around there. But no, he’s not looking to replace Colin Kaepernick, he’s just throwing a compliment to Johnny Manziel’s way.

However, Jeremiah did provide some of his own comparisons between the two quarterbacks coming out of college as he gave the slight edge to Manziel, saying:

I’d give Manziel a little bit of an edge as college players. I thought he had more touch underneath, the intermediate routes. Colin Kaepernick it was all fast balls, needed to work on that touch but where he is right now, progression, Colin Kaepernick has made in his career, absolutely you stay committed to Colin Kaepernick!

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, do not expect the 49ers to trade-up for Manziel as rumors may spread like wild fire as the draft nears. The 49ers already have Kaepernick and are 100 percent committed to him.

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