49ers’ Awarded Fourth-Round Pick, Due To Losing SS Donte Whitner Among Others

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Back in February it was reported that the San Francisco 49ers were projected to have two compensatory picks in this year’s NFL draft. It turns out that projection was correct as the NFL announced today that the 49ers will be indeed receive both a fourth and seventh-round compensatory pick.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Compensatory picks are awarded to NFL teams who had a net loss of 2014 qualifying free-agents. In the 49ers case, they lost four qualifying players to free-agency including SS Donte Whitner, FB Anthony Dixon, QB Colt McCoy and CB Tarell Brown while only signing SS Antoine Bethea and CB Chris Cook last off-season.

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Due to the outcome above, the 49ers will now receive a compensatory pick in the fourth-round (No. 132) and seventh-round (No. 254). It’s good to note that compensatory picks can’t be traded and are only awarded in rounds three to seven–so any idea of packaging them to move up in the draft is out of the question. stevie johnson

The 49ers already have five picks that are originally theirs but will be alternating with the Miami Dolphins at the 14th and 15th selection in each of the first six rounds–with the only exception being the fourth-round as they traded away that pick to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for WR Steve Johnson.

Why switch draft positions with Miami? It’s due to the fact that the 49ers and Dolphins both finished with identical 8-8 records.

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Getty Images

In addition to those seven picks mentioned above, the 49ers also gained an additional fourth-round pick from last year’s draft day trade that involved a 3-for-2 deal with the Denver Broncos.

Inside Indiana

Inside Indiana

In that trade the 49ers gave up their second-round pick (No. 56) who turned out to be WR Cody Latimer and seventh-round pick (No. 242) LB Corey Nelson. The 49ers received the Broncos third-round pick (No. 63), fifth-round pick (No. 171) and a conditional 2015 fourth-round draft pick.

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With that ammo 49ers GM Trent Baalke then traded up with the Miami Dolphins to (No. 57) in a one-for-two deal which saw them trading away the two picks they just acquired from the Broncos at pick (No. 63) and (No. 171) to draft RB Carlos Hyde.

However, the additional picks don’t stop there as the 49ers also acquired an extra 2015 seventh-round pick due to trading away OLB Cam Johnson to the Indianapolis Colts back in 2013.

If you’re doing the math that’s nine selections in 2015. Below is a breakdown of each selection.


With the 49ers gearing up for the NFL Draft it will be interesting to see how they use their picks as Baalke may be a big mover if the price is right.

1. First-round (No. 15)

2. Second-round (No. 46)

3. Third-round (No. 79)

4. Fourth-round  from Denver

5. Fourth-round (No. 132 ) compensatory 

6. Fifth-round own pick, No. 15 in round

7. Sixth-round own pick, No. 14 in round

8. Seventh-round from Indianapolis 

9. Seventh-round (No. 254) compensatory

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